On the Issues

Upstate Opportunity Agenda

A Vision to Move New York Forward


Working together we can create a better environment for New York’s small business owners and job creators. We must reduce the burden on small business and start with the following:

  • Adopt State spending cap;
  • Provide Tax credits to businesses for job creation;
  • Cut bureaucratic red tape;
  • Implement Upstate manufacturers tax credit.

Property Taxes

We must preserve and protect the STAR and Enhanced STAR Rebate Programs. Through eliminating unfunded state mandates, cutting wasteful spending, and stopping fraud we can reduce the burden on taxpayers.  Together, we can put the brakes on runaway spending at the state and local level!  Capping taxes once and for all is vital to reducing the burden on homeowners and I will:

  • Work to create a meaningful and real Tax Cap;
  • Work with local governments to cut unfunded State mandates that increase taxes;
  • Cap New York State Spending.



Enough is enough!  We have all seen the headlines. Democrat and Republican lawmakers alike being removed from office for public corruption. It is not a coincidence that New York leads in corruption and trails in job growth.  As Senator, I will:

  • Support comprehensive ethics reform;
  • Support term limits and full disclosure of outside income;
  • Support immediate pension forfeiture for public officials convicted of corruption.


Second Amendment

We must stand up against further gun control proposals. As your State Senator, the first bill I sponsor will be legislation to repeal Governor Cuomo’s SAFE Act and I will support the continued lawsuits to overturn this unconstitutional assault on our rights. I am a proud gun owner and believe that citizens have the fundamental right to defend themselves, hunt, and pass on the time honored tradition of responsible gun ownership to future generations.

  • Member of the Shooters Committee on Political Education (SCOPE);
  • Wrote, introduced and passed a Town Resolution supporting full repeal of the SAFE Act;
  • Supported Ontario County’s Resolution in opposition of the SAFE Act in 2014 and  2015;
  • Committed to defending our Second Amendment Rights;
  • Oppose microstamping and other misguided and unconstitutional proposals.



I will continue the efforts to honor the service and sacrifice of our Veterans and their families. As a the proud mother-in-law of an active duty servicemember, I am committed to ensuring that our military families have the tools and support they need.  Specifically, I will:

  • Work to expand job-training and educational opportunities for Veterans. Our brave servicemen and women must know that as New Yorker’s we stand united with them when they return home;
  • Support and create initiatives to provide housing and medical care to veterans;
  • Work to adopt a revolving loan and grant fund to assist local veterans organizations in their efforts to repair and preserve their posts;
  • Create a local veterans advisory board.
  • Support the continued development of the Sampson Veterans Memorial Cemetery.



With the rising minimum wage and falling milk and commodity prices, New York’s family farms are under assault from every angle.  I will work to protect our Agri-business by:

  • Forming an agricultural advisory board to gather concerns and interests of local farmers on important legislation and policies;
  • Oppose legislation, such as mandatory overtime, that undermines our farmers.


Stop Unfunded Mandates

Albany’s continued avalanche of unfunded mandates is bankrupting Upstate New York’s future and driving up property tax rates across the region. In fact, Medicaid accounts for the majority of most upstate county budgets. As Senator I will:

  • Eliminate waste, fraud and abuse in welfare programs;
  • Support an unfunded mandate ban;
  • Remove responsibility for funding and administering Medicaid from counties;
  • Support legislation to prevent cash assistance cards from being used for non-essential items.



Tourism is a top job producer in the Wayne-Finger Lakes region. I will do all possible to support the continued growth of this important job creating industry. Through encouraging strategic partnerships, such as the Finger Lakes Wine and Viticulture Center we can provide local entrepreneurs with the tools they need to expand their businesses.

  • Work with local winemakers, brewers, and distillers to identify and remove red tape in an effort to grow their business;
  • Support tourism promotion efforts;
  • Create a tourism advisory council;
  • Support continued grape and hops research conducted by Cornell University.